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SEP Annual Meeting, 2000

Dear faculty and students,

This weekend, the Society of Experimental Psychologists will be meeting at the West Coast Santa Cruz Hotel, the talks at the meetings are open to everyone, and you are invited to attend. This society grew out of Titchenerís informal club begun in 1904 and was formally organized in 1929


Dinner Banquet Announcement of Warren Medal


Business Meeting


3:00 break

3:30 leave for mystery spot


Tony Greenwald , Momentary decortication by visual masking


Jeff Bitterman , A simple associative analysis of "risk-sensitive foraging" in honeybees.


Sam Glucksberg ,. Inhibiting the literal: Do loan sharks swim?


Shepard Siegel , Self-Administered Drugs Have Smaller Effects Passively Received Drugs! Why?


Carolyn Rovee-Collier , The development of infant memory


Tarow Indow , Visual space, awareness and consciousness


Peter Killeen , Transmogrifying discount functions


Russ De Valois , Transformations of Color Information from LGN to Cortex"


Karen De Valois , What Roles Do Color-Selective Mechanisms Play in Various Tasks?"


Russ Church , Animal Cognition in the 21st Century


Dom Massaro , Talking Heads and the Written Word in the new Millennium


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