SEP Group Photo, September 2019

2021 Meeting – Cancelled

The 2021 meeting, originally scheduled for October 7-9 in Chicago, has been cancelled.

Congratulations to the 2021 SEP Fellows!

Sabine Kastner
Elizabeth Marsh
Charan Ranganath
Nim Tottenham
Anthony Wagner


The 2021 Early Investigator Award is presented to:

Timothy Brady

The 2021 Howard Crosby Warren Medal is presented to:

Martha J. Farah – University of Pennsylvania

Citation: “for her foundational cognitive neuroscientific work on face and object recognition, visual attention, mental imagery, and semantic memory; and her more recent work on the interface between neuroscience and society.”

The 2021 Norman Anderson Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to:

Randall W. Engle – Georgia Institute of Technology

Citation: “for his work uniting cognitive psychology with psychometric testing and individual differences, in a manner that clarified the role of attention in working memory.”

Also see the Awards page.