SEP Group Photo, September 2019

2022 Annual Meeting – May 5-7

University of Chicago, Illinois, Hosted by Ed Awh

Congratulations to the 2022 SEP Fellows!

Marisa Carrasco
Kara Federmeier
Kevin Ochsner
Jay Pratt
Brenda Rapp
Ayanna Thomas


The 2022 Early Investigator Award is presented to:

Steven Piantadosi

The 2022 Howard Crosby Warren Medal is presented to:

Keith Holyoak, University of California, Los Angeles

Citation: “for his work on how people learn and use abstract relations that depend on the abstract similarity of the entities they relate—relations of the sort required to grasp social regulations, moral principles, causality, and analogies.”

The 2022 Norman Anderson Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to:

Marcia Johnson, University of California, Berkeley

Citation: “for her work on human memory, its neural bases, and how it develops, ages and can go awry.”

Also see the Awards page.