SEP Group Photo, September 2019

2023 Annual Meeting – May 6-8

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Congratulations to the 2023 SEP Fellows!

Marty Banks
David Brainard
Ian Dobbins
Sam Gershman
Simona Ghetti
Ann Kring
Ingrid Olson
Janet Werker


The 2023 Early Investigator Award is presented to:

Sudeep Bhatia

The 2023 Howard Crosby Warren Medal is presented to:

Dr. Marlene Behrmann, University of Pittsburgh

Citation: “For her insightful studies elucidating the neural and behavioral functioning of higher-level vision, along with its development and potential for plasticity.”

The 2023 Norman Anderson Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to:

Dr. Morris Moscovitch, University of Toronto

Citation: “For his paradigm-changing work on the cognitive neuroscience of memory. His work on memory systems consolidation has provided a new synthesis at the systems level, in both humans and rodents.”

Also see the Awards page.