SEP Group Photo, September 2019

2024 Annual Meeting – May 10-12

University of Washington, Seattle

Congratulations to the 2024 SEP Fellows!

Julie Bugg
Tobias Egner
Leonard Green
James Gross
Kevin LaBar
Barbara Landau
Thomas Palmeri
Tim Pleskac


The 2024 Early Investigator Award is presented to:

Jessica Cantlon

The 2023 Howard Crosby Warren Medal is presented to:

Robert L. Goldstone, Indiana University

Citation: “For elucidating human cognition and learning on both individual and collective levels.”

The 2024 Norman Anderson Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to:

Dr. Doug Medin, Northwestern University

Citation: “For his paradigm-changing work on human cognition, especially categorization, bringing insights from other sciences that helped shed light on cognition from a cultural perspective.”

Also see the Awards page.